Toledo, Ohio (1990s) – The possibilities are endless when you’ve got an imagination and a dozen VHS tapes on perpetual rewind. With the flick of a switch, I found myself on dinosaur-inhabited islands, touring the world full of alien destruction, or even in a galaxy far far away. It was everything, and way more exciting than pretty much everything else. But as I navigated the middle and high school years, I wanted more than just escape with these films, I wanted to try it for myself.

Even before college, I’ve was fixated on with what I could do on my own with what I already have. What nobody ever tells the would be DIY-er is that eventually, you reach a limit of what you can handle on your own and need a team to press further.

We all want to connect, we all want to belong and we all want to matter, but above all else we want to make a lasting impression for years to come. For me, that’s through storytelling with motion picture. For me, that’s directing.


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North America – From pairing the Range Rover SVR with optical illusions such as a bear-shadow in the Smokey Mountains or the largest Super moon in 70 years, to capturing a winter road trip between hot springs in Colorado with an Evoque Convertible, directing these jobs couldn’t get me closer to the travel and adventure ethos I seek with our without being job-related.


► Land Rover Playlist (5 Films)


York, Pennsylvania + West Palm Beach, Florida – “Real Guys, Real Grooming” is designed to feel like buying a trimmer from your neighbor.

We captured what it means for firefighters to “give people the confidence” in a time of need and how trimmers can shape a man’s face just as stylishly as the way he customizes his cafe racer.


► Wahl Playlist (3 TV Spots)


The Gorge, Washington State –  Above & Beyond’s 250th radio broadcast celebration with 25,000 of their closest friends. With a 48hr turnaround, and Spotify-specific resolution requests (9×16) we rented a RV to edit in real-time.


► Above & Beyond Playlist (2 Films)


Boulder, Colorado – On the shortest day of the year, we capture footage of Kimbal Musk’s Tesla 3 for an upcoming campaign giveaway through the well-known philanthropic company Omaze.


► Tesla 3 (0:60)


Mexico D.F., Mexico –  7-days, 2000 miles, 100 competitors. Challenging logistics of moving a crew and equipment to a new destination every night, all while capturing a moving target in the form of an unstoppable race meant being in the right position wasn’t just ideal, it was essential.

With half-a-century of racing history, all must be accounted for with representing not only Motul, but a legendary race that many are fiercely passionate about.


► La Carrera Playlist (9 Films)


Culver City, California – A weekly love-letter to the generations of automotive enthusiasts who tirelessly fight to preserve not just the physical car, but the meaning behind it.

I always wanted the viewer to come for the car and stay for the person. Whether it’s a $100M Mercedes Benz or a barn-find scrapper, these machines are nothing without the personalities they attract. They are the canvas on which we make sense of the world and my aim was to capture as much.

Not only a personal kind of film school for me, but also a guidebook as to how to connect with anyone who is passionate about anything on a very deep and human level.


► Petrolicious Playlist (53 films)


Culver City, California – Discovering a burning passion  to tell real-people’s stories, I created Praemio, a channel featuring Risk & Reward. By focusing on people and their passions, the channel transcends physical obligations and puts inspiration at the center.

With 22 original films,1.57M views and 28K subscribers and counting, I’m proud to have met some of the finest and fascinating people around the world filming for the series.


► Praemio Playlist (22 Films)
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